Friday, February 29, 2008

Art Whino opens a second location April 1st at the National Harbor!

We are pleased to announce we will be opening a second Art Whino location in the prestigious new National Harbor Waterfront Development. Click here for more information on the development. This new location will be open 7 days a week. It will have expanded hours from 10am-10pm and late hours on Fridays and Saturdays and plans for a wine bar.

The Development is a huge milestone for the DC Area! A 580,000 sqft Convention center, 30'x40' retractable screen at the plaza, beach with the awakening sculpture, a marina, a exact replica of the Ramblas in Spain as the main street with granite sidewalks, tons of restaurants, bars and of course ART WHINO!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mark Jenkins makes a surprise install at Art Whino Gallery

DC Legend Mark Jenkins surprised Art Patrons at our latest show with his install. Keeping with his street art tactics he infiltrated our gallery without any press or mention of his install to the public. It was the highlight of the evening to see people during the night discover the piece.

You can read more about Mark in JUXTAPOZ Issue #84 - JANUARY 2008

Another Sampling:

Here she is enjoying the serene blah series. Marks first canvas project

awww excuse miss are you in need of some assistance?

OMG. What a pretty jacket. Excuse me where did you get this

You are sooo sweet. I think. umm I love you.

JoKa's Solo Show - Trip on Memory Lane currently on exhibit at Art Whino

JoKa is a contemporary artist specializing in pointillism, using toothpicks as his sole form of paint application. A student of inefficiency, his personal philosophy is “it isn’t art if it doesn’t take three times longer than it’s supposed to!” Common subjects include: raw meat, charbroiled meat, sex, dissection, hypnosis, mammalian societal bonds, youth corruption, obesity, morbid obesity, swashbuckling, insects, male-pattern baldness, bumps, self-loathing, candy corn and clones. Using collage, he skews and distorts, pushing familiar images into the surreal. His work has been called nostalgic, though not by him. Based in Philadelphia, his art has been featured nationally as well as internationally, and in national art publications. He is a carnivore. Find him on the InterWeb at



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to Art Whino!

We at Art Whino have created a fresh new perspective from the admiration of New York Street Art, Urban Contemporary, Lowbrow, and Pop Surrealist movements. From the first visit you will experience a visual exposure rarely seen in the DC area. As you walk through our 9,000 sq ft space and browse through the one-of-a-kind mix of art work, you will see that Art Whino has brought together unique styles and artists from all over the world. Instead of waiting around for galleries to finally exhibit something refreshing, Art Whino offers around the clock special events, and new shows each month, as well as a great opportunity for up and coming artists to create, share, and experience new and remarkable styles.