Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Art Basel Primary Flight Video

Here is some video of the the Primary Flight Boys doing their magic.

Art Whino: MIAMI Our Show Photos

Here are some pictures and Video of the show we did during Art Basel 2009

Charcoal Studios was the place where we did our show

James Walker working on his Installation.

Brandon Hill Working on His Installation

Drew doing some last minute touches to his installation

Ruben was unstoppable. Everytime I turned around he was creating a new piece!

Here he is creating the piece behind the bar

Many visitors all day long

Paul And Kelly from Charcoal Studios. AMAZING PEOPLE!!!
Cant wait to meet up with you guys in Feb.

We shared the VIP lounge with some Italian artists who were showing next to us in the back space. They were great. In both of our receptions they did a live art piece wrapping this young lady in Saran Wrap for 2 hours! Then she woke up and busted out of her cocoon.

On Thursday we had 20 Artists painting live at Urbanite Bistro

As well as 4 Murals throughout Wynwood!

James Walker Caught painting Live during one of the receptions

Damien our Video Man. Thanks for catching everything on tape!

Some of the Artists casually sitting around

Thanks to our Drink Sponsors!!!!!!!

Tom from Ancient Astronauts. Where is Ingo! Thanks to both of you guys for coming down from Cologne Germany and blowing up the spot!
ESL Music we love you guys!

Marco from Intoxicated Demons Gallery in Berlin. He came down with Morten Andersen. Watch out for Art Whino in Berlin baby!

Chris from Spank Rock and Me.
Good Times. Thanks for getting on turntables for us!

Ancient Astronauts and Chris from Spank Rock posing for a little photo op.

Drew and the buyer of one of his pieces

Live Painting Final Pieces

Live Painting Final Pieces

Never enough Photo ops!

Stuters piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Billy Modes piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Sue Works piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Herms piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Gaias piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Papermonsters piece outside of Urbanite Bistro

Brent Houzenga and myself

Billy Mode, Shyree from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and myself.
Thanks for coming down Shyree and supporting us!

We met so many Great people the 4 nights! Cant wait to see you all in 2010!

The Urbanite Bistro crew were on point! Top Notch!

More Art Whino Artists doing a little pose!

More new friends. If all Miami people are like this I am moving down!

Billy Mode and his Installation

Dave Lowell and me

The Infamous Scotch and his piece

Met many artists including this rockstar wearing his work on his back!

Justin Lovato and Me

Justin Lovato and his Installation

Adrian Viajero Roman and his installation

Michael Owen, Joka and Papermonser

Michael Owen and Me

JoKa and Me

We had Burning Dan blowing it up (Punn Intended)

Papermonster and Me

Michael Owen and the family taking home his piece

Nishi, Taz and Me and their live painting

James Walker and Me with his Installation

Brandon and Me

Max Kauffman Installation

Brandon Hill Installation

Final Bar Piece by Ruben

Brent Houzenga Installation

Charlie Owens Installation

Jason Snyder Installation

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