Monday, March 30, 2009

Vimby Interview: Craola

Art Whino Announces:
Inked Souls

Inked Souls is back, and Art Whino is raising the bar on its most anticipated exhibition of the year with an amazing new line up and expansion of the show to include photography!

DATE: Saturday April 18th, from 6pm – Midnight

Exhibit will run until May 9th
Exhibit hours: Fridays 4pm-8pm and Saturdays Noon-6pm

LOCATION: 2450 Crystal Drive, Arlington VA
12,000sqft Space in Crystal City!

Art Whino is teaming up with the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) and Tagür sneaker company to bring you an incredible exhibition of one-of-a-kind, customized sneakers, paintings, and photography.

Each artist will feature one pair of customized AKA Blank Tagür sneakers along with a painting.

Four photographers will be featured whose subject matter rangers from 80's Breakers to customized semi trucks.

The event is FREE and open to the public.

Music by Black Cats Resident DJ Lil'e

Special live performance by Big Benz from TTM Entertainment.

Metro Accessible: The metro stop is a 2 minute walk!

Featured Artists

Asylm –CA
Cutthroat – TX
Dolla – FL
EyeOne – CA
Frerk – DE
Garry Booth – CA
in.fa.mousIKB-- DC
James Walker- VA
J Asher Lynch – CA
Luis Lorenzana – PH
Marc C. Woehr – DE
Marie Barr- CA
Molly Crabapple – NY
Nychos– Austria
Raudiel – MX
Rick Reese – CA
Rudy Fig - MN
Sam Ramos - PH
Skibs – CA
Sole Junkie – CA
Surge – CA
Truth Among Liars – DC
The Krah – UK
Zach Tobias – OR

Featured Photographers


Lady Glock

Michael Colon

James Walker

Roger Snider

Monday, March 23, 2009

CRYSTALart - Call to Artists


Call to Artists
March 17, 2009
To continue to highlight Crystal City’s Green characteristics and add artistic elements to the neighborhood’s streets, sidewalks and public spaces, the Crystal City Business Improvement District is introducing ECO-Art Statues – a temporary, outdoor environmental art exhibit in one of Crystal City’s most landmark open spaces, the Crystal City Water Park.

In the Spring of 2008, the Crystal City BID placed six of the fifty artistically designed airplane statues that were part of Crystal Flight program onto the six grassy knolls within the Water Park. The Crystal Flight exhibition attracted increased attention in and patronage of the park and the Crystal City BID is seeking to replicate that success with another spring exhibition exclusively for that area.

This Call for Artists announces the opportunity to design and construct a three-dimensional, biodegradable sculpture for placement in the Crystal City Water Park for the exhibition, which will kick-off Crystal City’s spring Green event - Green Scene.
Selected artists will receive a grant of $2000 from the Crystal City Business Improvement District. In keeping with the theme of Crystal Green’s Green Scene schedule of events, selected pieces must be constructed of 100 percent biodegradable materials.

Design Submission: Please submit a full-color sketch or schematic of your design on 8.5 x 11-sized page (electronically is preferred). Be sure to include dimensions and call-out specific materials used.

Questions/Information Requests: For any questions or information requests, please contact Robert Mandle at 703-412-9435 or via email at

Deadline: Artist Participation Forms should be received by April 17, 2009. Please send to Robert H. Mandle via email at or by mail at:

Robert H. Mandle
Crystal City Business Improvement District
2001 Jefferson Davis Highway, Suite 505
Arlington, VA 22202

Artist Fact Sheet

What: A creative, environmental art project meant for the Crystal City Water Park. The exhibition highlights Crystal City’s green characteristics and one of its most popular public spaces while continuing the policy of incorporating art into the fabric of Crystal City.

Why: The success of the placement of Crystal Flight statues into the Water Park demonstrated the power of art to add value to public spaces. The 2009 exhibition will ensure that area residents, employees, and visitors continue to visit and enjoy the Water Park.

Who: The Crystal City Business Improvement District is responsible for changing how people see and perceive Crystal City. Art remains a critical means of achieving this goal by adding color, interest, and conversation to the streets, sidewalks, and public spaces of Crystal City.

Where: Each of the selected Biodegradable ECO-Art Statues will be placed on the six (6) grassy knolls within the Crystal City Water Park across from 1750 Crystal Drive in Arlington, Virginia.

When: In the Water Park between the end of May through the end of July 2009.
Calendar of Key Dates
Call for Artists Sent March 17, 2009
Artist Participation Form Submission Deadline April 17, 2009
Artist Design Selection April 20, 2009
Preparation/Construction Phase April 21, 2009 to May 24, 2009
Exhibition Opening – Water Park May 25, 2009
Exhibition Ends End of July 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Whino Artist Imani Brown Interviewed by the

The average Washingtonian-Urbanite sees examples of “Urban Art” daily. In a city where abstract sculptures occupy front lawns and political burners (graffiti) grace the third stories of “low rise buildings,” urban art is right in front of our eyes. But in the hustle and bustle of our day, we seldom get a chance to look at the person next to us. If we did, we may notice that Urban Art is even closer than we think,

Imani K. Brown is one of the newest and brightest artists dealing with the medium of “mobile urban art.” As a photographer, established tattoo artist, and lead designer for Artistic Sole Custom Kicks, Brown works everyday to take art from the traditional canvas to the hands and feet of her community; literally.

A native Washingtonian and a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Brown’s influences range from French-feminine artist Fafi to political artist Aniekan Udofia. “Art all comes back to communication. {for example} Hip-Hop was formed because young people had a voice that needed to be heard.” Artists are part of a culture with a story to be heard, said Brown. “Urban Art was born from Hip-Hop.”

Brown, like most urban Artists, grew up with an appreciation of sneakers. An appreciation heavily influenced the music. Thanks to songs like, Run-DMC’s “My Adidas” and lyrics from MC Lyte,” we chit and we chat about this and that, from sneakers to hats,” sneakers quickly became an icon of Hip-Hop culture. Though Hip-Hop has since evolved, Hip-Hop’s obsession with the “freshest kicks” has not diminished. Brown’s art takes that obsession to another level, customizable.

While working as a tattoo apprentice in 2006, Brown decided that she needed to find a new medium to communicate. “Carrying canvases back and forth to the shop was too much and I needed something small if I wanted to work inside the shop,” said Brown.

Brown was later inspired by a travelling urban art exhibit, Sneaker Pimps, to paint the “soles” of Hip-Hop. By using one of Hip-Hop’s icons, she now communicates a world of expression with the “movement” of feet. Three years after the first brush to sole, she is now “artistically destroying s#@t in a city near you,” at an unprecedented pace. At around $220 a pair, these uniquely designed kicks have beenfeatured in publications and shows from DC to Australia. In addition, she manages to imprint her body art on around a hundred people a month, at Pinz-N-Needlez Tattoo.

Now, with the help of a small team of devoted artisans, including her “muse” and “propaganda” manager Jarmel Dixon, she is quickly becoming a “pretty big deal,” in the Urban Art world. From trunk shows at Crystal Couture in Crystal City, VA to her upcoming solo exhibit at City of Ink in Atlanta, Brown is making her mark and telling the story of urban culture to the masses.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mortal Plush: I am not your toy - FAQ's


Q. Will the artists selected get a copy of the book?
A. Yes! All artists selected will receive a complimentary
copy of the book

Q. How many pieces can I submit?
A. Up to four pieces per registration

Q. Can my piece have "hard" elements like eyes etc.?
A. Yes! Be creative as long as the work is easily
recognized as plush.

Q. Does my piece have to be ready to hang or can it sit on a podium?
A. All work must have a sewn on loop or be mounted
on a plaque, wall hung base, or shelf unless it is a very large piece.

Q. How many artists will be chosen for the show?
A. We are looking for as many quality plush art works that show TRUE emotion as we can find.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Red Bull Art of Can is a national juried exhibition featuring artwork in a variety of media that have one thing in common—they are all inspired by Red Bull or crafted from the iconic blue and silver cans. The juried exhibition is open to anyone with a flair for creativity and the talent to transform an original concept into a compelling piece of art that can be shared with a public audience. Registration is free and open to artists nationwide through May 15, 2009. Sculptures, paintings, digital/graphic designs and various forms of mixed media will all be considered.

The 2009 Red Bull Art of Can exhibition will be held in Washington, D.C. at Union Station Oct. 1-12.

Participants nationwide are encouraged to submit original works of art created with or inspired by Red Bull cans. Past entries have included sculptures, clothing, games and even songs, but the rulebook remains an open canvas. Use your imagination to show us what you can do with the body of a Red Bull can.

Application deadline is May 15. Learn more at

Mortal Plush: I am not your toy - Call for Entries

Art Whino Gallery and Licorice Tree team up to present a plush art show entitled:

Mortal Plush: I am not your toy.

The show will be held July 11, 2009 through August 11, 2009 at Art Whino Gallery 173 Waterfront Street, National Harbor, MD 20745. Entries must be original handmade plush works of art produced within the past two years. A maximum of four works may be submitted by any artist. There is no size restriction. Works may be created by any methods that produce a soft plush work of art such as: sewing, felting or crocheting.

To enter:

1. Make incredibly creative plush works of art that convey emotion.

2. Email up to four images to in the following format: 2550x3300 pixels 300dpi JPEG. Please include title, emotion, date, medium, and dimensions and the following contact information: Name, email address, phone number, city, state, province and country.

Deadline is May 1, 2009.

3. Paypal a $20 entry fee to
Entry Fee if for up to 4 submissions. Free copy of book to artists who are selected to participate.

This call is open to all domestic and international artists.

Artists chosen will be featured in a book that will accompany the show

This book will be available online and at Art Whino Gallery.

What emotions are we looking for? acceptance affection, anger, annoyance, anticipation, affection, anger, annoyance, anticipation, apathy, anxiety, awe, boredom, compassion, contempt, curiosity, depression, desire, disappointment, disgust, ecstasy, empathy, envy, embarrassment, euphoria, fear, frustration, gratitude, grief, guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, hysteria, interest, jealousy, joy, loathing, love, pity, pride, rage, regret, remorse, sadness, shame, suffering, surprise, wonder or worry(1)...just to start.

Please email any questions to

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whinos in Comicon!

This year we went to Comicon in NY. It was our first time. As we enter the convention center we get a glimpse of whats to come..........

Then we enter.....All sorts of people dressed up. This fine superhero is wearing his underwear inside out. Pretty Hot.

This Superhero unfortunately doesn't do the underwear thing.

We went to Kid Robots opening.....Good times

Peter and Superhero?

The Gang and David Choe.

Andrew Bell had some great stuff

We all warm up with Andrew Bell and Crew

Sket One and Crew

Pure Hotness

Wedgie Girl

Astronaut RuPaul

Black Shadow......

Eye Shadow........


BLACK & WHITE - April 25th

Black and White is a show bringing together three very different genres of art and effectively taking a cross section of formal, comic book, and abstract styles that each present very different approaches to art that formally relies solely on the positive and negative spatial tension between black and white. Three separate series will be featured; "MEN" by Tyler Matthew Oyer, Black Ink Noir by Shawn Martinbrough, and Black Ink Abstract Series by Anthony Patrick Jones II. Together they will create an exhibition focused on the aesthetic and intrinsically dualistic elements of black and white compositions.

Anthony Patrick Jones II:
Anthony Patrick Jones II is a native Washingtonian that found himself in the world of Art by chance. As a youth, he was a bit of an eccentric to family and friends that accepted his abilities, differences and his pursuit of self-discovery. Not any different from other children that dream of going to the moon while playing in a cardboard box in a room, or an architect, or even a Rock Star. It has translated into a continued journey of self-discovery. Of finding a purpose to why Art chooses an individual to follow through with an idea given unto them. In 1994 while in Frederick, Maryland the Rorschach choose Anthony, to embark on a testimony of works that would not come easy. This venture would prove to be challenging and also a personal crusade into the genre. Anthony became more focused on the scientific aspect of the Rorschach and less on the art form. Anthony and his family of Rorschach have shown themselves in galleries in New York, and Wisconsin. There have been several articles written about Anthony in such publications as the “Badger Harold”, “Madison Times” and the “Wisconsin State Journal”. During the early years, Anthony’s Rorschachs found themselves in the possession of individuals such as Chuck Close, Jan Frank, Carlos Santana, Christian Bale, Betsy Johnson, Simon Le Bon, Fab 5 Freddy, Spike Lee among others. Maintaining the integrity of the Rorschach, in order to create the symmetry effect, is to maintain the principles of ink onto paper followed by a fold of the paper in which the ink composition lays and the psyche does the rest.

Shawn Martinbrough:
Shawn Martinbrough’s client list includes Coca Cola/POWERade, LucasArts, Playboy, Vibe, Bad Boy Entertainment, Black Enterprise, McGraw-Hill, Penguin Books and Milestone Media. The bulk of his work has been done for DC Comics, Vertigo and Marvel Comics, illustrating books and characters ranging from Batman to the X-Men.How to Draw Noir Comics, an instructional book based on Shawn’s high contrast noir style, was published by Watson Guptill/Random House and currently, he is illustrating Luke Cage Noir for Marvel Comics. Shawn’s work has been covered by USA Today, Architecture Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Washingtonian, National Public Radio, SIRIUS/XM Radio, Black Entertainment Television, Vibe, The Source, and others. More of Shawn’s work can be viewed at

Tyler Matthew Oyer:
Tyler Matthew Oyer’s MEN series was conceived as an investigation of the displaced male form. This displacement is a result of two specific social trends; the increased attention to the presentation of masculinity, and also the anxieties society has when viewing male beauty. This examination reveals the awkwardness many people experience when utilizing traditionally female nuances to address the increasingly considered male body. For some, the pairing of beauty and man in the same phrase brings a sort of ungrounded discord. The social definition of masculinity has evolved over centuries, often switching roles and exceptions with its female complement. This suite of 8 paintings attempts to present the simplified androgynous form in a manner which strips the man of his social presumptions and showcases a stylistically stamped masculinity which encourages equally the male and female speculation of beauty.

Monday, March 9, 2009

FLIK 2009 Call-Out for Movies

2009 Call-Out for Movies

Deadline For Submission: August 1, 2009

Fee: US $10

Event Info:

September 24-27, 2009
Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745

What We Are Looking For: We are seeking narrative, artistic, humorous, dramatic, documentary, experimental, ambient, motion painting (loops) — works of all genres, formats and styles.

Presentation will be in both screening and gallery formats, so interactive works and video installations are also encouraged. Submissions intended for screening should be no longer than 30 minutes.

To submit, review the checklist, agree to the Terms of Submission, then submit your information and fee online.

Click Here to submit your movie.

Any questions? Please refer to our Submission FAQ, Submission Checklist, or contact:

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artwhino and DC Gold Interview Shepard Fairey

Pictures from that weekend..........

Rockin Art Whino.....Whats up!

During the Interview

We let him keep the sticker. I signed it for him. Its on ebay for $15,000

Very Natural Pose

Brandon and Moby

Books drove up from Florida!

The peeps with Tim Conlon

Ummm. Yes Rosario Dawson!

Peter and Shepard

Rosario and Brandon

Yes Rosario again.

Ron English

Ron English and Me

Mark Jenkins

David Choe

Crazy Etch a Sketch piece

Shane, Am Radio and Philipa Hughes

Kelly Towles

Black Books

Decoy in the house

Yes Heather Graham. Peter is quite the schmmmoooozer.
He needs to work on his smiles. He looks constipated