Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artwhino and DC Gold Interview Shepard Fairey

Pictures from that weekend..........

Rockin Art Whino.....Whats up!

During the Interview

We let him keep the sticker. I signed it for him. Its on ebay for $15,000

Very Natural Pose

Brandon and Moby

Books drove up from Florida!

The peeps with Tim Conlon

Ummm. Yes Rosario Dawson!

Peter and Shepard

Rosario and Brandon

Yes Rosario again.

Ron English

Ron English and Me

Mark Jenkins

David Choe

Crazy Etch a Sketch piece

Shane, Am Radio and Philipa Hughes

Kelly Towles

Black Books

Decoy in the house

Yes Heather Graham. Peter is quite the schmmmoooozer.
He needs to work on his smiles. He looks constipated

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