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Art Whino: MIAMI.... A Whino's experience at Art Basel

So after about week or so I am finally back 100% from my Whino Adventure. I have to tell you it is a completely different experience doing a show at Art Basel than just being a spectator. It was PHENOMENAL though. Met so many great people!! From exhibitors, collectors and spectators everyone was very supportive of our efforts. I have to admit now that its over it was a pretty ambitious show. It was a massive 8000sqft with over 250 artists on exhibit and 15 artist installations. We converted the space in 3 days flat which included construction of perimeter walls, Installation of Nine 18' foot hanging walls and painting. Thanks to Susannah, Luz, Roberto, Lee and the crew who put their hearts and sweat to make it happen! So now.....Here is the voyage!

First step is to build a makeshift wall factory in your backyard!

Then Paint them nice and white.....
Once we built them all we loaded up the truck and went on our 18hr drive with our 26foot Truck behind us

We arrive at South Beach and of course when in Roman do like the Romans....DRINK WET WILLYS on Ocean Drive. We met up with Justin Lovato who flew in from Cali and had a good first night.

The next morning we arrive at the space and start our 3 day transformation. Here is a before of the space.

We start assembling our hanging wall system

Afterward I caught this vandal putting something up on a wall

As we would setup we would catch glimpses of other people setting up. This was a little quick makeshift grassy area and walking surface to catch some outdoor street art.

This was a delightful abandoned car. Part of the installation? or Part of Miami's downtown?

In further exploration of the wall we found this awesome Barry McGee on the wall

The we caught up with Supher and Scotch. They did the awesome piece behind them.

During the night all sorts of things were growing all over the place.

Who ever owns this Lamborghini has a lot of class. They obviously were going to our show!

We did some live painting on Thursday (Pics of our show and Live painting being posted on next blog) After the live painting we had an amazing dinner at Urbanite Bistro I had this Fred Flintstone sized Prime Rib. It was no joke the best I ever had. If you are in the Wynwood district YOU MUST STOP AND EAT THERE!!!!

The Next Morning all the Primary Flight Boys were in action. I wanted to catch up with all of them but our show kept so busy. We did manage to see a lot of them. This one is of Jim & Tina Darling

Our good friend Daryl Pierce who wasnt going to do anything got sucked in....You can get away from it! Hahahaha

The London Police boys were there next to Daryl and the Darlings. These guys were super cool!

Nishi and Taz flew from Japan to support us in the show. Here they are checking out Scotch and Suphers work.

Nishi and I doing a little photo op

Scotch was like a kid in a candy store with all the street art going around. He scored this wall next to our exhibit.

He shared the wall with Dave Lowell and Max.

Around the corner we ran into our buddy Ron English. He was casually working on this awesome piece. The man breaths and sweats talent!

We ran into El Mac and Retnas piece. We got to chit a little with El Mac. Amazing piece as always.

We caught up with our boy Dolla. His piece is directly behind us. The line up is Dolla, Scotch, Justin Lovato, James Walker and Dave Lowell.

We met Dabs and Myla as they were working on this piece. Super cool Peeps.

We tried to go to the openings but again it was hard with our own show. We hit the Multiversal Show. We got to see a little live painting but missed Tara McPherson and Buff Monster who started after we left.

Missed Scope, Pulse and Aquas openings. YES. It sucked not going. Next year we are going to plan it to not miss any of them and somehow do our opening in between theirs. On our last day we did a marathon sprint and checked all three fairs in 4 hours. Yes 4 hours.

Some of our favorites. We went so quickly we didn't event get to see all the names

Chris Sheridans Piece at Scope

La Familia Gallery at Scope. Good people!! We hung out with Lanae and Rebeqa at our receptions.

Cool little piece made with Smoke

The ran into this funky exhibit about the New World Order

Close up of Stencil on walls

Some more great work

Ken Gardunos Piece. Where ya been lately Ken! We need some work at our gallery

Then ran into our Boy LC from Thinkspace!

Watch out for big things to come with Art Whino/Thinkspace in 2010 baby!

Scott Radke

Thinkspaces newest artists are PHENOMENAL!!! This artist paints with acrylic. Each stroke is dried one by one. He only does 7 pieces a year. AMAZING!

Great work LC!

Kept walking around the other fairs. This one made me hungry

Ran into this work. Great stuff!

Met the artist Sam who gave me his info on his duct tape business card. Look out for him in Art Whino 2010!

Checked out White Walls and met up with Leigh and Justin. Awesome Exhibit!!! This piece is Mike Shines installation. It was immaculate. Really well executed.

Close up of Mike Shines piece

Kevin Cyr

Love this Ron English Piece

Gotta love the Boom Box

This was a huge piece. LOVED IT!!!

Cool Wood cut piece

This was an amazing piece by artist who does all his artwork with pieces of Dollars. He had a enormous piece. Here is a 1/1000 closeup.

One of my favorites

This was a mechanical piece that opened and closed as the lights turned on and off. Amazing!

This one was called American Koran

Amazing Photograph

I had seen this artist in Scope NY. This is a close up of the big piece

Here is the shot from afar

As we walked about 100,000sqft we were losing steam. This exhibit was funny. You basically go in the room and she hands you this air bubble. She pops it. Squeezes out the air. Gives you a very slow tender hug and then hand you the empty bubble. I was temped to go in but I would have just stayed on the bubbles and not left.

Back at our show the hot dog stand came and everyone jumped to get a steamy dog!

Our last stop was Scope which was literally 7 feet from our space. They had this cool outdoor music installation. As I was watching it I remembered meeting Alexis the owner of Scope 3 days before they opened and how he was out there with Gaia setting up the fair. I got to chit chat a little with him and it was refreshing to see the man behind the curtain being a genuine good person! I wanted to catch up with him afterwards but time took the best of me.

A.J Fosik

Jeff Soto

We met up with Joshua Liner as well. Had a great chat with him. Very cool peeps and great exhibit!

They were all amazing pieces!

DC's Own Mark Jenkin

Peeped this Boxi on the wall

Then the Crows peeped us

Evol had some great pieces up

Of Course some Doze Green action

Migdalia had some cool photography up. Watch out for her in 2010 at the Art Whino G40 show!

After our fun touring the fairs it was back to now uninstall for the next two days. FUN.

There were some nice moments like this instant Max Kaufman/Skibs collaboration once I set it next to his work.

Once we were all packed then we hit the road for our lovely 18hr drive back which had its usual stops like Waffle house in North Carolina!

To see all photos go to http://www.flickr.com/artwhino/

We are already planning Art Basel 2010 so watch out!!!
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