Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Inked Souls!

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this show a SMASHING success!

A SEVERE storm knocks out the power at the Harbor 15 Minutes before the show. So what is a gallery to do? Roll up a Escalade, grab a 100 foot extension cord and power up the show!

DJ Lil'e Working on limited Escalade Power BLOWS IT UP all night long with some ipods and her Laptop. She is truly a Black Belt Level 4

Art Whino Artist Adam Russell, Wife Kelly and son Sage.

Papermonster, Adam Russell and Mr. Whino

Scott and Friend

Palmer Studios In the House

Superstar IAN cooling off with paper towels

Art Whino Artist Brandon Hill Posing in front of his Pieces

Luz, Chris and Corrie

Bat in front of his kicks

Adam, Bat and Peter

Tim Conlon in front of his kicks

Adam Russell admiring Veng + Col's Piece

Shane from Art Whino, Wesley from Tagur and Art Whino artist Peter

Anthony, Joshua and Chris

Susannah and Corrie

Shawn Huddleston with his kicks

Papermonster and happy buyer of ADM SKATEBOARD Featuring Papermonster. ONLY $65. Hit us up if you want one! We have one for you!

People checking out the permanent rotating gallery

Shane and Adrian from Dissent Display

Daniel Barojas, Shawn and Mr. Whino

Dave and Kristy

Alexus striking a pose with Patrons

4F in the house!

Art Whino Artist Bat throws down

Art Whino artists Peter Chang says HOLD UP

Peter breaking the sound barrior

Papermonster working the room. His number is on the back. Wink.

Art Whino artists Mark Jenkins and Tim Conlon

Bringing Sexy Back!

Striking a pose for Inked Souls

Shawn, Alexus, Weds, Susannah, Shane, Corrie and Peter

One of the breakers from 4F Crew.
Damn. That looks just like my abs!

Alexus and Mr. Whino.

Anthony and Mr. Whino thinking about the next show.

Don Fransisco, Mr. Whino and Juan.

Art Whino Artists JAZIROCK with his piece

Happy Buyer BUD and his new kicks.

Mixcast in the house. Tear it up Sean! Video coming soon

Dave and Jazi

Imani and her live Customization!

More Happy buyers of Papermonster's boards. You know you want one!

Midnight...........Shows over. Yea right.

Bill and lovely friend striking a pose!

Drew and Jenna

4F Crew. Flying Fists from the Floor!

What are these Whipper Snappers doing in there!

Kicks......... so fresh....... so clean.........

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