Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cheeseburger Sushi Show Highlights

Brandon Hill

Big Fan of Mr. T

Brandon and Bernadette

Brandons Live Painting at Adidas

Biggie Smalls

Nishi and Sean from Adidas

Adidas Crew

Brandons Live Painting

Nishi Painting Bambi

Nishis Live Painting Final Product

Tom P and Adrian Loving Rockin the House

Nishi Tags Up Bambi

FFF......Flying Fists From The Floor

Brandon and Mom

Peter Chang in the house

The FFF Crew
Block Party

Inked Souls

Brandon Hill and Shane

Nishi's Work

Storm Trooper!

Brandons Ramps
Whino's Finest

Brandons Skate Deck

Nishi Scrolls

Whino Staff Eying some pumps

Whinos Finest

Brandons Fam

Deer Frenzy

Art Whino Artist NISHI Flew down from Japan!

The vandalism Continues

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