Sunday, May 3, 2009

Inked Souls 2009 Highlights

Here are just a few of the artists and pictures.
To see all of them go to

If you missed the opening you have one more chance.

This Saturday May 9th 6pm-Mid

2450 Crystal Drive Arlington VA

Inked Souls Closing and B-Boy Battle
Come out and see Breakers Battle 3 versus 3
for a $600 in Cash and Prizes!

DJ Fleg in the house

DSC_0126 by you.

DSC_0103 by you.

Marc C. Wohr and Frerk

DSC_0065 by you.


DSC_0061 by you.

Marie Barr

DSC_0058 by you.


DSC_0057 by you.

J. Asher Lynch

DSC_0054 by you.

Garry Booth

DSC_0049 by you.

Luis Lorenzana

DSC_0036 by you.

Roger Snider

DSC_0032 by you.

Lady Glock

DSC_0149 by you.

"The Document" Sneak Preview
n509228171_1686541_3645322 by you.
"The Document" In action

DSC_0181 by you.

Musical Performance by Big Benz and The TTM Crew

3461570204_461e1455bf by you.

James Walker

3461570706_3db116b819 by you.

James Walker

6 by you.

DJ Lil'e In the House

5 by you.

Truth Among Liars customizing T-shirts LIVE!

3 by you.

AM Radio Install and Old School Barbers World Class Cuts
give brave patrons old school fades

snider3 by you.

Murals By Local Graffiti Crews

516216691_gEh86-X3-2 by you.

Bambi getting a redo

AWHINI_090418_082 by you.

Rick Reese

IMG_7471 by you.

"The Document In Action"

IMG_7427 by you.

The Spot

IMG_7406 by you.

snider1 by you.

Roger Snider Came in to represent

3461570916_26af75f365 by you.

Raudiel Sanudo

3460756167_3b489f9c02 by you.

Rudy Fig

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