Monday, March 10, 2008

Art Whino opens the doors of its new second location at the National Harbor with:

FOOX: The art of David and Jessica Foox

Alexandria, V.A. Art Whino ( Art Whino opens the doors of its new second location at the National Harbor with: FOOX: The art of David and Jessica Foox, April 5th, 2008 from 6pm to Midnight at our new location. The event is FREE and open to the public.

The exhibition will run through April 19th from 10 am – 10 pm from Monday – Saturday, and Noon – 6pm Sundays.

This grand opening event will be from 6pm – Midnight, and also feature music from DJ Lil'e. Join us for an evening of exceptional art, great music

Art Whino’s new address of its second location:

173 Waterfront Street,
National Harbor, MD 20745

David Foox
Mr Foox creates art for the love of beautiful things, hidden messages and meanings, and all that is magical.

"My goal is to overwhelm the mind with images and colors that swim with each other and throughout the canvas or board. I have adopted an approach that is part anime, part pop, and part old skool shading. Being color blind myself has simply meant using stronger contrasts in shading and more reds and browns. It also means that while something looks well shaded to me, it must REALLY pop for anyone else with normal vision! My inspiration comes from: the number "8", dragons, graf lettering, inane politics, time and space travel, good kicks, acrylics, the color "ice blue", and loud music. Thanks for reading this far." Mr Foox resides and creates in Dallas Texas with his wife and partner Jessica and their Wheaton terrier Stetson. Together they continue to create a prolific body of work for representative galleries and people that ask nicely. Mr Foox loves his art the way he loves his Texas steak - well done champ. Born in South Africa but reared in New Zealand, Mr Foox makes quite the Texas transplant.

Jessica Foox
I was born in Hadley, MA in the 80's. I grew up surrounded by a mixed Euro-Mediterranean heritage. Growing up with such contrasting cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced my art. I started with simple monochrome sketchings. I would always draw humans - mostly the female form. I think being one myself (human and female that is) made me feel more comfortable making pictures of them.

After studying art therapy and working in the field, I decided to leave this career path and pursue painting full time. In short, I started doing what I love.

Street art played an enormous role in why I started painting - because it allowed me to add color to my drawings. Teaching yourself to paint and to create your own reality on each canvas is one of the greatest joys an artist can experience. It may have taken me longer than most, but I was born an artist. When my husband David and I met and started working together- we both new it was our dream and we dropped all of our extra baggage to fully get into it.

I don't limit myself to painting any specific thing, but looking at my work anyone can see that I paint a lot of human creatures. I feel like being a human allows my mind to work very intimately with the subject on my canvas. Limbs, musculature, flesh, hair, breasts, and even feet - they all fascinate me. I love painting the human body. It is a vessel we are all given to roam around in. I love to explore ideas of human consciousness, awareness, dreamlike states, and emotion in my paintings. Being exposed vulnerable sensual and whimsical. Painting on a clean canvas is like creating my own dreams without sleeping. If you can dream it, it will come.

Black Cats Resident DJ Lil'e

Black Cats Resident DJ Lil'e, aka Erin Myers, specializes in rare extended mixes and one-hit wonders whose names have been swallowed by time. Remember Flesh for Lulu, Kon Kan or Anything Box? But Lil'e does not sacrifice a solid dance floor just to showcase her extensive record collection.

Lil'e, 32, who started "Right Round" in 2002, focuses on skillful mixing, but she still finds a few moments of each song to step back from her mixer and do a little dancing herself. When she plays at other venues such as Felix or Saint-Ex, Lil'e strays far from the '80s, breaking out underground hip-hop, big beat and assorted electronica.

Art Whino's Grand Opening of its second location at the National Harbor

We are pleased to announce we will be opening a second Art Whino location in the prestigious new National Harbor Waterfront Development. Click here for more information on the development. This new location will be open 7 days a week. It will have expanded hours from 10am-10pm and late hours on Fridays and Saturdays and plans for a wine bar.


Blair said...

Do not be fooled by these "artists". The Fooxes were recently in New Zealand and took some friends of mine for a bunch off fools and took off owing them a small fortune.

Plus, their art is way average.

David said...

yeah yeah yeah!!!!! this is awwwwwwwwesome. shane you are the man - the music will rock and the artwork will kick a**. we are so excited about this. :)

hope your weekend is as fundamentally productive as ours. finalizing the last pieces organizing the backdrop.

this is goonnnnna be great! :)

see you soon.

Kevin said...

Blair - I have always loved their art, and found it thought provoking, and I totally love the pop culture feel to it. There's absolutely no need to insult his art and throw around unfounded accusations on the net.

Candy said...

I met the Fooxes through Art Whino a while back; they are damn fine artists and stellar individuals. I send many kudos to them for their innovative work and all the time they devote to helping out other artists. They provide a web presence showing exciting new work through their fantastic collective and blog. They compliment well the concept behind Art Whino for presenting something new, hip and fresh in the DC art community and beyond! Looking forward to a great time filled with super cool art, music and creative energy. This one is not to be missed! Hope to see everyone there!

keriansart said...

What the hell? I know Jess and David and the last thing they are is cheap and they certainly don't need to rip off anyone. If you are going to SLANDER, at least spell correctly. Do you have anything to corroborate this story with? Do you even know these people? Was this a "friend" who wanted a ride on their coattails, but didn't have enough talent to tag along?
Just because you don't like their art doesn't make it average. When exactly did you become the barometer of what good art is? I'm sorry, they might not do oil paintings of vases full of flowers or paint your vision of what art is, but that's ART!
It's not for everyone, and apparently your vengeance on people you hardly know makes you less of a "talent scout" as your demeanor obviously reflects in your choice of hateful words.
Go back to where ever you came from and tell your buddy, that if they have beef with Jess and David, they should get some stones and speak the hell up. They might be surprised to find it could be a mistake or oversight on one, or both parties. This in not the place to have that beef. Go home.

Benny G said...

wow! this Blair sounds like a complete looser who was left out of the party (I am sure not for the first time.)

Hey Blair, I am sure it's a lot simpler to be a tough critic on the net? Why don't you put up your art so that we can criticize it?

I personally have four painting by Foox handing in my home. Everyone I know finds their art awesome!

So do yourself a favor, get some people skills or crawl under a rock and f-off! (personally I prefer option 2)

As for you Foox, pay no attention to this wacko....there will always be people along the way who are jealous of your accomplishments and your free spirit...all we can do is feel sorry for them.

Stephen Snow said...

I smell a jealous hater.
The fooxes aren't out to fool you, trick you, or do anything other than make their art and be cool.
As artists we should be coming together, not trying to tear each other down.
That being said, This is going to be a fantastic show. Congratulations to Artwhino on opening up the new gallery.

Peter said...

I think its funny that you would post that your "some of your friends" got fooled... then why dont they post up? you just proove that foox is blowing up by posting such a stupid jealous comment!! i hate little pieces of sh*t like you who hate online and post up stupid comments like this! you would never have the balls to go up to foox and say that to his face. anyways i have been looking forward to fooxs opening at the new national harbor location for months!! I personally cant wait to see it!

art-walker said...

who cares about this little turd blair anderson. we dont care about you amigo. but i will note your IP address of

cool how the internet works. now considering you are hardly an artist yourself... what were you saying cause you seem to have been drowned out by the mass of positive energy and vibrant art life! positive energy seems to be the namesake of Artwhino and we support Artwhino completely - so don;t diss em!

leave us alone and let the artists enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

suddenly silence is appreciated!

Daniel Barojas said...

The Foox's are dope people & dope artists as well. Leave the kiwi hate in NZ.

Ray said...

The Foox's art is beautiful. It questions conventionality and challenges politics and morality in such a bold way. Their art is like nothing I've ever seen before... and if you can't appreciate innovative art, then I just feel sorry for you.

Let's leave the immature bullshit at home eh? You know what you're saying isn't true...

I think the mass amounts of posts following proves that huh.

David and Jessica are the epitome of artists, they cause controversy (WITH THEIR ART) and challenge the mind with their statements.

so shut up. okay?

JenTX said...

Blair -

You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

The Fooxes are wonderfully individuals who we could probably all learn from.

And, their art is awesome. Apparently you have bad taste.

KFC-3 said...

Please NOTE:

We will also be EXHIBITING the artwork of several of the KUNG FOOX COLLECTIVE's emerging artists including:

Stephen Snow
Kerian Babbitt
Nic Trent
Crystal Trent
Candace Keegan
Caleb Jacks

And a more to come. So this show is lining up to be a really great presentation with really passionate artists putting their all into this event.

Come help us open Artwhino's 2nd Location with heart and meaning.


KFC-3 said...

Sorry forgot to reference the hyperlink where you can see some of these artists' work


neely said...


Anonymous said...

David and Jessica rock! You can love or hate their art, but the way they have chosen to dedicate their life to painting and making art is just awesome and totally inspiring.

I really digg your work and wish you guys a great show at Art Whino.

Hope to see both of you soon in Amsterdam!!

Alexander said...

Blair is telling the truth. David Foox organized a show with a small art gallery in NZ, then skipped the country owing them thousands. Don't trust this man.

Anonymous said...

WOW? The Fooxes are awesome. I dont know why someone would waste time cyber-crying abt two really inspirational artists.

You know what they say, you must be doing something right when the haters start crying.

Carter Atmore Law said...

To whom it may concern,

We act for David and Jessica Foox and associated incorporated entities. Please be put on notice that we are currently preparing litigation against Sideroom Limited, and associated persons. This litigation includes but is not limited to actions in defamation. All defamatory posts to date plus any additional postings subsequent to this notice will be recorded. We reserve the right to present these in evidence accordingly.

Yours faithfully
Carter Atmore Law
New Zealand

outta-nowhere-comes-fire said...

looks like FOOX must be doing something right - they got enough people commenting on this and either hating them or loving them so much that it is causing a blog-o-spherical-jizz-matchical-funkadelicious

home-made pie.

good work FOOXES 1 & 2 you guys/gals are doing excellent art to make people jump and write stuff like this.

and since you asked - yes and yes and yes i will be at your show to say hello.

the gullible mr sanders

David said...

focus on the positive. focus on the good. focus on the art. focus on making better creations and better artwork. focus on the empathy, the emotion, the empowerment, the life, the action, the movement and freeze it all down into a 2D painting that screams 3D artwork.

show them what you can do - show them all of your insides and the fears the tears and the raw energy. show them passion for the arts - and passion for my art. and show them that we really do everything with all the energy in a single focal point.

this show is the culmination of months of planning, months of hard work, months of painting, and as much everything as we can muster. it is inclusive - as all of our projects are - and it from our hearts to your eyes, minds and souls.

the buzz for this has been huge and we love the DC area for this reason - support of the arts.

this is going to be fun!!!!!!!!

Brandi Read said...

From an artists perspective. I trusted David and Jessica enough to send them four of my paintings having never met them. I ended up with three back and a very large check for a sold piece within weeks. I would send them my work again to be included in collaborative shows. I don't know what happened with that gallery, but they have always been on the up and up with me! ;-D

tom_brown_of_baltimore said...


Lisa said...

Blair, you appear to be deficient, both in intelligence and ability to judge art. The Fooxes' work is both cutting edge art and the most eye-popping, visually interesting work I have seen for a long time. You should not be "fooled" by your inability to appreciate good art when you see it.

jane-o said...

gosh that comment was harsh (at the top).

best of luck taking care of this blair guy. he seems like a real douche f**ck. hopefully i'll get to give him a piece of my mind!


an*rc*st said...


I don' t care if they robbed a bank - their art is hot!

Blair said...

artwankers get pretty amusingly (and inappropriately) venomous don't they? doesn't mesh with the stereotype at all.
to address one common theme here: assuredly taste in art is purely subjective. you're all welcome to like whatever tickles your various fancies, but so am I thanks, and I personally haven't seen anything I like (from what I've seen) about anything from the Fooxian school. But that's neither here nor there is it?
Frankly, my main beef with these folks is of a nature that has nought to do with their profession.
Also, I'm going to decline to rise to the personal baiting here, as I lack both the time (I won't tease you all about lacking "proper jobs") and the inclination to do so.

Cracked Ink said...

Hey guys , all the best with the show, looks and soundz exciting, I have a new show in wellington on 16th May and also a show in Sydney later on in the year, Take it eazi


David said...

Hey, it's FOOX here.

The results for our cellphone camera competition are out and the winning results are at this location: