Sunday, May 11, 2008

Art Whino's TMNK has Whoopi Goldberg as a fan

So You Like My Art? Whoopi!

So, I was stoked, gassed, feeling myself when Whoopi Goldberg purchased two of my paintings last year. But, when she (along with her granddaughters) paid a return visit to my street gallery yesterday I was a bit stunned. Stunned? Yeah, stunned that not only did she remember me, she remembered my son, who she had also purchased a drawing from. WOW.
Her and her granddaughter fell in love with a collaborative painting created by Gus Fink and myself. She asked me to put it aside, but never made it back to the table to pick it up. Which is okay. She more than made up for it by the time she spent with me and my work (almost half hour), and we even talked privately about my desire/commitment to bring opportunities to inner-city youth.
Whoopi, you like my art? Well guess what NOBODY LIKES YOU, alot! Thanks so much for supporting my creativity.

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