Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kelly Castillo Recap!

Kelly Castillo making her mark on Mr. Blanky.

Shane and Kelly showing off their FIERCE poses!

Kelly and our guest model, Mourna posing for the camera.

'Don't hate the playa, hate the game!'

Decisions, decisions! So many covers, and they're all originals; you made the right choice, Jason!

Strange reading skills; maybe the type is too big.

Reading time! Thanks, SCION!

Our set-up for the evening.

' better like my sketch, or else!'

The first winner of the night with her winning sketch in one hand, and her Bob Dob collectible Vinyl prize in the other!

Luz, her winning sketch, and Mourna.

Alex won! This man has mad sketching skills!

...and he was nice enough to give his killer sketch to Martha!

Showing off her sketching trophy!

Awesome tuneage provided by Vodka & Donuts!

Robin was our first audience model; his posing skills are pretty sick.

I took my turn as an audience model!

Debbie wins!

Another audience model; his pose was pretty intense, it was a hot night!

Sketching away!

Mr. Blanky gettin' some love.

What's cool about this guy is that he just came in off the street and started freestyling with Vodka & Donuts.

Lucan held this pose for 20 minutes! Girl's got skills! This was also our grande finale, with a sweet Tsuchi Vinyl as a prize.

It was also prom night at the Harbor; these guys stopped by to check out the show, and picked up from free SCION merch as well.

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