Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Observation

While working at the gallery this weekend, I decided to take note of how many times an audience member observed how 'refreshing' our space is. It's now Sunday, and I've already lost count as to how many times Art Whino has been associated with 'refreshing,' 'a breath of fresh air,' or simply 'chill.' I may be a new face around here, but I think that has been the general consensus since Art Whino's opening almost three years ago. Our space is dynamic, and filled with a wicked inventory of work that's appreciated en masse by so many different people. Everyone that comes to visit has an interesting story to tell as to what art pieces they enjoy, where they come from, and what work they do themselves, et al. It's so nice to take in all the positivity, and see how the space radiates with good vibes as people get engaged with what they're seeing.

Sticking with the good ju-ju motif; what do you appreciate about Art Whino?

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