Monday, December 15, 2008

BAM BAM DILLA Traveling Riddims

Here are the photos of Ben Floeter's solo show. Thanks to Ben and his Wife for coming down and making a great installation! Enjoy.........

IMG_5847 by you.

Ben Grabbing the first pallet. Shortly after we both went dumpster diving to grab the other 20!

IMG_5851 by you.

Ben starts building the installation

IMG_5957 by you.

Final Install!

IMG_5875 by you.

The day before the opening we have a preview show at the Adidas store.
Plastic Heaven Models are in the house showcasing Bens work.

IMG_5874 by you.

IMG_5863 by you.

The next round of Plastic Heaven Hunnies

IMG_5868 by you.

IMG_5865 by you.

IMG_5893 by you.

Its all about attitude.
IMG_5870 by you.

IMG_5869 by you.

IMG_5871 by you.

IMG_5876 by you.

IMG_5877 by you.

IMG_5873 by you.

Davina. The Plastic Heaven mastermind

IMG_5937 by you.

The Next Day the opening at the Gallery

IMG_5939 by you.

Ben and Me

IMG_5935 by you.

Strike a pose

IMG_5932 by you.

Flying Fist From The Floor

IMG_5915 by you.

Russell from Stencil Nation taking some pics

IMG_5903 by you.

DJ Jeremy Sole

IMG_5897 by you.

IMG_5941 by you.

Happy Art Whino Stencil Owners!

IMG_5895 by you.

The Rockers Movie on projected on the Front Storefront.
The Rockers is the inspiration for his show

IMG_5905 by you.

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