Friday, December 12, 2008

Jimbot Show Photos!

Thanks to Jimbot for coming out with his lovely wife and bringing a amazing positivity to the show. On top of all that he is a incredible artist! Here are some highlights. The rest of the pictures can be found at flikr.

IMG_5459 by you.

Baby Jimbot!

IMG_5454 by you.

Jimbot produced a amazing array of Sculptures, painting and Gocco Prints

IMG_5307 by you.

IMG_5447 by you.

IMG_5380 by you.

Official Whino Kelsey was so excited about the show she started doing back flips. Really!

IMG_5352 by you.

Jimbot and Anthony talk about the origins of the world.

IMG_5394 by you.

On the other side people browse the Whino Collection and Defile Bambi.

IMG_5340 by you.

IMG_5342 by you.

Is this what it means to hug it out?

IMG_5353 by you.

Superstar Buck from AM Radio in the crowd

IMG_5324 by you.

3002682411_595aac7b44 by you.

Two very influential and world Renowned Art Critics From Belgium and Chile came out for the the show. When asked how they liked the show. Well the response was overwhelming.

IMG_5322 by you.

IMG_5328 by you.
DJ Stylo in the house checking out the Gocco Prints

IMG_5323 by you.

5 by you.

We had a great panel discussion the night before at the Adidas store.

7 by you.

Angela from a WineShop provided a wine tasting as well. Here is a shot at the end of the night. I especially like the happy proud owner of one of Michelle Chaplan's piece she bought at the preview show!

The rest of picture can be found here.........

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