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Whino's at ART BASEL 2008 !!!!!

This year Susannah, Peter Chang and Me finally made it out to Art Basel. We always wanted to go and this year we finally said "Buy the Tickets" and put everything on hold. We need to go. So we land and my faithful team immediately go into Sun Tan Mode!!! If you want to see all the pictures go to the Art Whino Flikr Just to many to show in the blog!

IMG_0546 by you.

IMG_0601 by you.

So first stop. Art Basel's main event. The convention Center. The place was crazy. All the masters...Bottero, Picasso, Dali, Miro.......Were on display with some new school fine art leaders as well. This one made me hungry for a combo #3. Super size of course.

IMG_0030 by you.

Of course you had your ole sprockets who had to make a artistic statement like this one. A Italian artist or gallery called Zero and that's what they had ZERO. At $25,000 a spot to showcase at the fair the should call this piece "SWOOSH. Money vanishes into this air"

IMG_0607 by you.

The highlight for me was this awesome piece by Mark Ryden. I was tempted to buy it because it was a great price. It was only $800,000. Problem was I left my credit card at McDonalds.

IMG_0609 by you.

Detail shot of Mark Rydens Piece

IMG_0554 by you.

The place is was huge. It took all day rushing to see it. Here is a installation piece. One of these two is real and one is a manequin. You pick the fake.

jayz and beyonce by you.

Then we ran into Jay-z and Beyonce!

IMG_0615 by you.

Then back on the move. We kept seeing these cool orange and black stickers.

IMG_0302 by you.

Peter Chang finally got over the sun tan thing and finally realized the shear awesomeness of this place.

IMG_0118 by you.

The we rolled up to Primary Flight's Turf.
Met up with Books from Blackbooks.
The event was SICK!!! So many great artists doing their thing for days.
We made sure we stopped every day to check up on progress.
If you go to Art Basel DONT miss this!
We meet up with many of our artists and met some new great artist like DOLLA!
Here he is working on his Piece.

DSC09952 by you.

Here it is finished!

DSC09849 by you.

We rolled up on Boxi on Day one. Here he is putting up the background

IMG_0414 by you.

Here is the Final piece.

IMG_0773 by you.

Close up Shot. BEAUTIFUL piece!

IMG_0668 by you.

Retna and El Mac in this insanely awesome and HUGE piece


Final Piece!

IMG_0666 by you.

We ran into Legendary Ron English in an alley. He had finished this piece.

IMG_0663 by you.

and working on this one.................

DSC09847 by you.

Final Piece

IMG_0665 by you.

Directly behind him Surge was tearing up this RV!

IMG_0613 by you.

Soon the night hit and we were on the prowl.........

IMG_0401 by you.

Part of our Faithful crew comprised of Susannah, Marina, Bill and Peter

IMG_0787 by you.

Miami Ink

IMG_0115 by you.

We went to Aqua Hotel Show. Hit the after party at the Shore club and then went next door to Delano's. There we met up with alot of our DC Peeps like Philppa from Pink line Project

IMG_0114 by you.

Here we are at Boys Town section!
Top row you have the Hamoltonian Gallery boys.
Mike Sirvet, Bryan Rojsuontikul from Hamoltonian and Peter Chang from Art Whino
On the bottom you have Greg Kearley from Project 4 Gallery

IMG_0771 by you.

Next Morning.........Whino's on the Prowl

IMG_0636 by you.IMG_0138 by you.

We went to the Wyndwood warehouse district and checked out some great shows.
Here is a Barry McGee Piece

DSC09833 by you.

As we left we found this little boy escaping from the Human Hair Warehouse.

IMG_0635 by you.

I have a feeling he is going to grow up and be a proud Art Whino Artist one day!

IMG_0411 by you.

Then we turned the corner and hit Primary Flight again.
This huge install caught my eye

DSC09909 by you.

Then I found out its our good friend LECKomio's crew from Germany!
Frerk & Marc C. Woehr

DSC09932 by you.

Frerk Close up

IMG_0412 by you.

Marc C. Woehr Close Up

IMG_0295 by you.

Right around the corner from Frerk & Marc C. Woehr
WK Interact did a awesome series in a huge courtyard

DSC09889 by you.

Super Nice guy it was a pleasure to meet him!

IMG_0721 by you.

Both of Ron English's Wheatepastes were stolen the next morning.
There is a army of people tracking the person down as we speak.

IMG_0660 by you.

Another El Mac Piece

DSCN0561 by you.

Hey.....That dude on the ladder looks familiar.
Its Billy Mode from Bmore!

DSC09855 by you.

Billy Mode and Chris Stain collaborated on this killer piece!

DSC09852 by you.

Billy Mode and Chris Stain

DSC09850 by you.

Around the block we met up with Daryll Peirce’s as he just completed this wicked piece!
I am telling you. If you go to Art Basel DO NOT miss stopping many times at Primary Flight!!!

DSC09920 by you.

Couple of turns later we spot a 1.2 Million Bugatti
Of course you cant have a art fair without some insanely price car sitting outside.
This marked our arrival of Scope

DSC09916 by you.

Lot of cool stuff. Bought a couple of Mr. Brainwash pieces.
Met up with some ole friends. Like Phil from Jonathan LeVine.

Silk Live Screen Action

IMG_0199 by you.

Went to Pulse and saw many cool pieces.
As I mentioned go to Flikr to see all the artwork of all the shows. Just to many to show in the blog!

DSC09972 by you.

Checked out Aqua Wynwood, WK Interact had a solo show.
Here is one of his pieces

IMG_0213 by you.

Then we we to the Scion 5
This little gem was parked outside. Get yourself a Taco and some Spray paint.
Put this in the inner city and you will sell out!

DSC09866 by you.

The show was STELLAR! Met up with lots of old friends and made new ones. Everyone had a real positive attitude and we were all enjoying some free frosty beverages.
David O'Brien, Yoskay Yamamoto, Tessar Lo and Edwin Ushiro in this pic.

DSC09873 by you.

Met up with Ron English again. Everyone is pointing at everyone!
His Self Portrait was SICK!

DSC09872 by you.

Got to meet Usugrow!
Scion flew him down from Tokyo for the event.
His work is Tight. Its between us.

IMG_0238 by you.

Surge, Peter Chang and myself decided to do a finger pupet show.
If you decipher it it says....."We Love Art"

IMG_0223 by you.

Kofie's Self Portrait

IMG_0248 by you.

Kofie in the house!

DSC09907 by you.

The Next morning back to Primary Flight.
The boys putting on the finishing touches.

IMG_0413 by you.

We met up with Dare! Another one of LECKomio's Peeps from Black Forest Germany.
Hopefully Artwhino will be showing in Black Forest in 2009

IMG_0410 by you.

Final Piece

IMG_0111 by you.

When the sun set, the Whino Posse got into formation for the last event.

IMG_0716 by you.

The place was AWESOME. A lot of my favorite galleries and Artists.

IMG_0255 by you.

Peter and Joshua from Joshua Liner Gallery
The VIP couple of hours was cool but then when it was open the public it got CRAZY

IMG_0714 by you.

DC Based Mark Jenkins had some pieces on display at Carmichael Gallery's spot.

IMG_0268 by you.

Sas Christian sporting a Art Whino Fan!

IMG_0265 by you.

One of Sas Christian pieces on display

IMG_0253 by you.

SUPERSTAR LC from Thinkspace Gallery.
Its good to surround yourself with good peeps!

IMG_0281 by you.

Bad Birdie

IMG_0282 by you.

Good Birdie

IMG_0280 by you.

Bad Birdie!

IMG_0269 by you.

Fage was one of the sponsors. Its tag line is "Really Thick Yogurt"
Well..........Look what it has done to one of the poor artists!

IMG_0159 by you.

GenArts was our last main event and the end of our trip.
I will definitely be at Art Basel every year and hopefully be exhibiting soon.
Maybe I will sell my Bugati and get a couple of spaces. We will see.
With all the craziness I missed many people that I planned to meet.
Sorry guys but hopefully we will meet up soon in the months coming up!


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