Saturday, December 13, 2008

STENCIL: A group show focusing on the art of Stencil

Here are the shots of our STENCIL show. It was a amazing show with amazing people. Thanks to Kolezar who flew down from Arizona, LECKOmio from Germany, Billymode from BMORE, Papermonster from Jersey and Jazirock from VA. Its great working with such great talent who are down to earth good people!

IMG_5844 - Copy by you.

Thanks to all the participating artist as well. Your work is "Off the Chain!"

Alvaro Sanchez - Guatemala
BayTruthSeeker - California
Billy Mode - Baltimore
Chris Stain - New York
Dave Lowell - Texas
E.L.K - Australia
Enos - Texas
farkfk - UK
Janet Bike Girl - Canada
Jazirock - Virginia
Jef Aerosol - France
Koleszar - Arizona
Kristal Blanco - Italy
LECKOmio - Germany
Logan Hicks - New York
Prvrt - New York
Mama Sass - Chicago
MEFEE - France
PaperMonster - New Jersey
Peter Krsko - DC
Scotch - Texas
SOULE - Seattle

IMG_0276 - Copy by you.

BillyMode putting up Chris Stains Wheatpaste

IMG_0281 - Copy by you.
IMG_0285 - Copy by you.

Billy was on Wheatpaste fire as he puts up some of his own wheatpaste!

IMG_0291 - Copy by you.

All the installations added a nice street edge to the show!

IMG_0311 - Copy by you.

LECKOmio putting some finishing touches

IMG_0304 - Copy by you.

Jazirock puts up some Bmore Roaches. Damn I hate roaches.
Koleszar puts up his install as well. I wonder what his favorite color is?

IMG_0314 - Copy by you.

Peter Chang and LECKomio

IMG_2437 - Copy by you.

The rest of the work is put up. Here is some of Dave Lowell pieces.

IMG_5815 - Copy by you.

The end result is a overwhelming collection of art from around the world. Well over 500 pieces

IMG_5603 - Copy by you.

Its showtime.
A quick shot of Koleszar, Me and LECKOmio before the crowd comes

IMG_5579 - Copy by you.

Whino films on the prowl as people start to come in.

IMG_5585 - Copy by you.

Soon the droves come.
They are greeted with Jimbot in the corner, new work from Arabella and New art from Rudy Figs the latest Art Whino Artist!

IMG_5662 - Copy by you.

DJ Face cranks up the music and Vodoka and Donuts put out their goodies as they wait to perform.

IMG_5712 - Copy by you.

Bat and Art Whino Artist are given their official Art Whino Stencils

IMG_5683 - Copy by you.

People are receiving the show in amazement!

IMG_5711 - Copy by you.

The bathroom continues to be vandalized. Thanks!

IMG_5707 - Copy by you.

Papermonster finally meets one of his loyal fans. She is sporting a Papermonster Stencil. Buy one at the gallery. $40 for a set of three. Cheaper than sliced bread.

IMG_5607 - Copy by you.

On the other side of the gallery the Whino Collection is proudly on display.
Over 600 pieces from 284 artist!

IMG_5759 - Copy by you.

Richard and Lena sporting a Art Whino Stencil and Sabotaz Paint!
Art Whino now sells Sabotaz paint. Come get your cans at a deal. $6 a pop.

IMG_5674 - Copy by you.

PaperMonster and Jason from ForeverDC

IMG_5723 - Copy by you.

Vodka and Donuts make their Grand Premeire at Art Whino.
They Blew it up!

IMG_5717 - Copy by you.

The show was a steady crowd of people continually coming. This had to be one the of the top 3 show we had. The gallery was also filled with so much great art as well. We had a total of about 1300 piece of art on display.

IMG_5578 - Copy by you.

People peeping LECKOmio's and Jef Aersols work

IMG_5649 - Copy by you.

Billy, LECKOmio and Koleszar

IMG_5687 - Copy by you.

Brandon, Peter and Emily Rock their Art Whino Stencils

IMG_5682 - Copy by you.

Greedy Genious In the House!

IMG_5969 - Copy by you.

The Next week Russell Came out to do a book signing of his book Stencil Nation. He also stenciled the Stencil Nation Globe on our wall.

IMG_5970 - Copy by you.

Russell also did a GREAT presentation about the history of Stencil.


See all the pictures at and pictures of past shows.

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